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My fingerless mitts are up for sale!!




Chains and Waves

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This is my cowl pattern.  I designed it so you could make it 4 different ways.    It is a free Ravelry download enjoy.  Chains and Waves.

Happy Stitching!!


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What is your favorite?

Stitch-half double crochet

Yarn-any haahaa I use a lot of Red Heart Super Saver.

Hooks-I like Bates with the bamboo handle and my Crochet Dude hooks

Patterns-granny squares & hats

What is yours?

Back to stitching…..

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Life always has a way of showing you who is boss no matter what you want it is right there saying no way not right now!!
I was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. See there it is boom Life shows up to ruin your day. So what does that have to do with my crocheting?? A lot!!
I have been in a lot of pain and swelling the past 2 weeks. The past 2 days I have spent the day in the recliner. Finally today I got some relief although I did not crochet it was a good day. I am hoping to be feeling this good tomorrow also. I want to work on April’s afghan for her bed.

When life hands us lemons we make lemonade.  So I got to remember that when life steps in and messes with me.

So here is to having a big glass of lemonade and stitching to my heart’s content.

Happy Stitching…..

What the stitch???

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If you are a beginner at crocheting some of the lingo can be confusing.  I have been crocheting for over 8 yrs now and I still run across some terms that leave me thinking huh?!

Here is a few helpful links:


Learn to read patterns

Crochet and Knit abbreviations

For me personally making granny squares is the way I learn to read patterns. But then I discovered it just came naturally to me. Reading patterns does not always come easy to people. I have read many of comments saying that they can crochet whatever they want and then say they can not understand and read a pattern.

Having the knowledge of crochet and knit abbreviations is a plus when reading patterns. I have found the Lion Brand site to a very useful tool when learning new stitches and stuff. Plus the bonus of all of their free patterns.

Happy Monday and stitching till next time….

Crochet and Coffee……….

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Coffee fuels my crocheting and crocheting fuels my need for coffee.  For me they go hand in hand.  Hook in one hand and coffee mug in the other.  

I am seriously going to try to blog more about my crocheting and my love for it.  I miss blogging some days and FB is getting very tedious for me.  I think I am just bored with it.  There are so many great crochet blogs out there that I seem to over look due to me always being on FB.  

I am thinking maybe starting a theme for each day.  I usually(does not always happen) try to stay off of the internet on Sundays.   If you got any ideas on a theme comment with them.  I would love some feed back.   

Happy Stitching

Well Hello

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Well Hello

I know it has been over a year since I last posted.  Way to long and way to much has changed over this past year.  So let’s start over fresh.  Sounds good to me.

Yarn-Yes I have added to my stash,  I now have a yarn shelf!!  Yay!!!!

Patterns-Oh ya have added to my list.

Hooks-I may have added a few to my collection.  😉

Happy Hooking!   I will be back.  I want to do some reviews.   Hooks, designers, yarn, and more.

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